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7 Deadly Sins MEGA BOTTLE: 60ml to 100ml DIY E-LIQUID - SPECIAL PRICE

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Product ref:MEGA-7DS

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Product ref:MEGA-7DS

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Never run out of e-liquid with our new Mega Bottle!

The same great taste, a brand new way of getting it: with the Mega Bottle, you’ll receive a 60ml bottle of your favourite flavour and a different number 10ml nicotine bottles to add and mix, depending on the strength you want to get.

- Add 10ml of Sub-Ohm Central nicotine to get 70ml at 3mg (approx.)
- Add 20ml of Sub-Ohm Central nicotine to get 80ml at 6mg (approx.)
- Add 30ml of Sub-Ohm Central nicotine to get 90ml at 9mg (approx.)
- Add 40ml of Sub-Ohm Central nicotine to get 100ml at 11mg (approx.)

It’s just so easy: add and mix the nicotine to the flavoured base, wait at least 72 hours before vaping and enjoy your e-liquid mega bottle!



ACCIDIA (sloth)
This unique flavour is a winning mix of Cream, Milk, Vanilla Ice cream and Fruits.

AVARIZIA (greed)
Sweet and yummylicious lemonade: this e-liquid is so tasty that you will not share it with anyone!

GOLA (gluttony)
The name of this eliquid describes perfectly its juicy taste: the state of the art of fruits and candies mixed together.

INVIDIA (envy)
Everybody will try to steal you this one: strawberry cake spread.

IRA (wrath)
If one day you feel angry, this fruity e-liquid will make you back on track!

With its sweetness and delicacy, this mixed fruit e-liquid is a kind of liquid gold for your e-cig.

SUPERBIA (pride)
A masterly mix of cream and blueberries this liquid is second to no one!


Please remember: Always pay attention while handling nicotine. Wear a pair of protective gloves and glasses, and store nicotine-based products out of the reach of children and pets. If your skin gets in contact with nicotine rinse immediately with plenty of warm water.


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